Memphis Football TV 2014

Mix. Sweeten. Call it what you will. We worked on these. But the magic in these spots is in the voices. These three players have conviction. Linebacker Charles Harris. Tailback Brandon Hayes. Cornerback Bobby McCain. These guys mean it. You can hear it. Hats off to the agency for letting their words breathe.


Our friends at 360ยบ filmworks just posted links to the new UALR campaign that we worked on. Our job was to record the student testimonials, license music for each of the four spots, and mix the final results. The spots do a handsome job of incorporating the look and immediacy of social media. We enjoyed[…]

The Game

Check out our assist! Here’s a new spot we helped produce for Go USA Bid: Bring the FIFA World Cup back to the United States in 2018/2022. We cast the voice talent for the spot, recorded the VO, and provided the client with a final audio mix that they, in turn, posted to picture. Basically[…]

YMCA Memphis

Here’s a batch of TV spots we helped Archer Malmo produce for YMCA Memphis. We beefed up the nat sound for these, added the intro and outro music cues and recorded the voice over tag at the end. The monochrome to color transition in these spots is rad. When I first saw the bicycle spot[…]


Another in the “Recent Work” catagory: This spot makes me smile. Friendly VO, nice music and sound effects work that celebrates the playful vibe of the visuals. After trying several approaches on the car sound, we decided that the toy-box look needed a toy-box sound. Foley lip-buzzing by yours truly, modded with a “bubbly” vocoder[…]

Do The Tighten Up

On Tuesday, the Energy Efficiency Arkansas campaign we worked on last month officially launched. R&B group lends song, images to Ark. energy ads – BusinessWeek via kwout That’s right, BusinessWeek, we got to record ARCHIE BELL AND THE DRELLS! Archie Bell and the Drells Archie Bell and the Drells and the Scott For this project,[…]

South County Tulsa

Here’s some more recent work, this time another collaborative custom music project with Sellout Music. For this :30 TV spot, the client was looking for something minimal and “hip.” In particular, they wanted an electronic arrangement based around an acoustic instrument. Sellout came up with the meat and bones of this piece, a plaintive, delayed[…]

The Chameleon

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, here’s some Recent Work that focuses on a rather serious issue. Scoliodentosaurophobia is the fear of lizards. According to a study conducted by the Bombay Hospital Journal, the lizard is the most commonly feared animal by adults, affecting 74% of those polled. Though common reactions include fits of[…]

Baton Rouge Area Foundation PSAs

Since we spend so much time on YouTube, we thought it was time to join the fun. Check it out: These are two PSAs we produced last month for the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. After obtaining permission to re-record “Come Rain or Come Shine,” we cut two versions of the song with two different bands[…]