Ad Clouds

Meet a Flogos. It’s a “mixture of soap-based foams and lighter-than-air gases such as helium” that can be shaped into a floating logo (float + logo = flogo). That’s right, it’s an air-born advertising event. “Mommy look! That cloud looks like Mickey Mouse.” That’s because it’s been shaped from a stencil of Mickey Mouse. Awww.[…]

R.E.M. Earworm

Finally, after four days straight, the new R.E.M. song is NOT playing in my head. Particularly the chorus of the new R.E.M. song, Supernatural Superserious (Album Version). I think it is Mike Mills’ background vocals that make this thing so sticky. What follows in a blockquote reenactment of the aforementioned chorus. I’d link to an[…]

Sweeet Home Alabama!

This is a funny time of year. Some days, posts that look real turn out to be a joke, and then things that look like a joke turn out to be real.. like this! The Leningrad Cowboys, with the Red Army Chorus, booming out Lynyrd Skynyrd finest. Oh my, this is the perfect day-after-April-fools-day rock[…]

How To Speak Hip

Lessons in Audio Del Close and John Brent lay down some nice geek vs beatnik dialogue circa 1962. The twilight world of the American hipster is an important American subculture with a language all it’s own. – Del Close Like, if you took the lid of your Maytag and there was a giant octopus trashing[…]