Extreme Measures

Speaking of Martin, here’s a nice piece that we worked on for Red Deluxe and their client, Youth Villages. Along with the excellent visuals, that’s yours truly doing the non-announcer voice over, with some really nice licensed music and subtle sound design. About Scott MinorMail | More Posts(23)

Background Rockstar

Watch CBS News Videos Online Lucky Dog Charles Wyrick runs up to NYC with local songwriter James Scott Cook to play with Julian Lennon on the CBS Early Show. I know! Check out Charles’ vest-less performance (above) and the interview. Proceeds to benefit Lupus research. We’re pleased to present one of Charles’ many brushes with[…]

Sound Design in the Sky

One of my favorite bits of the job is working with actors: finding a character, creating an emotional context, honing a performance. Occasionally we get to put that aside and simply work with un-narrated visuals, like this piece for Intake Studio. And you know what? That’s darn fun too. About Scott MinorMail | More Posts(23)


Another in the “Recent Work” catagory: This spot makes me smile. Friendly VO, nice music and sound effects work that celebrates the playful vibe of the visuals. After trying several approaches on the car sound, we decided that the toy-box look needed a toy-box sound. Foley lip-buzzing by yours truly, modded with a “bubbly” vocoder[…]


And now, a moment to salute friends of Lucky Dog, the Boondogs. This footage is from their appearance last year on AETN Presents, visually tweaked by Boondog percussionist Dylan Field. Not only do we love the songwriting team of Grotto and Weinheimer, but our partnership with Weinheimer’s Sellout Music lets us do great custom music[…]