Dogs And More Dogs

Last night on Nova we watched Dogs And More Dogs, which had some great footage of a wide variety of dogs paired with commentary from their owners. From the transcript: MAN WITH ROTTWEILER: He is so smart, he is so obedient. MAN WITH BULLDOG: He’s a beautiful, beautiful dog. WOMAN WITH BASSET: The best thing[…]

A Telemarketer’s Nightmare

Usually I don’t go for the radio-jock-prank-phone-call-bit but Brother Dave recommended this one and it’s pretty durn funny. Look out though. The audio loads directly when you visit the page and it’s LOUD. Link (BTW, Telemarketers have been hounding us since we’ve announced our new business, so these days we’re greatly appreciative of any successful[…]


The Corduroy Appreciation Club‘s annual meeting was last Saturday. If you poke around their website you can find out why they like to meet once a year on the day 11|11.

Hey, It’s Refreshment Time!

Last night I watched a documentary on the 60s. The doc showed some Peter Max 7-Up ads as an example of how “Madison Avenue” co-opted 60s counterculture. Though someone posted the Max 7-Up ad on YouTube, I thought this refreshements ad that ran during intermission at movie theaters was pretty interesting. Look out for the[…]


Brother Dave emailed us this morning suggesting we check out former Stray Cats bassist Lee Rocker. We listened to the song “Rockin Harder” on iTunes and were mucho impressed by this guitar and bass fueled rock-a-billy rave up. Last night I saw an amazing noise core band from Los Angeles called Health. They were kicking[…]

ASAP Campaign Audio

Dig this: Jaime Holguin of the Associated Press has produced an original song using sound bites from current, negative campaign ads. I wonder if Jaime is a Negativland fan. Associated Press – Campaign Attack.mp3