Need a Hiccup?

Visit the Hiccups Warehouse. Welcome to the Internet’s hiccup archive. You will find hiccup sightings, fantasy stories, audio and video files as well as links to other sources on the Internet. This site seeks to be simply a warehouse of sorts so that these important files are available to all who seek them. Brought to[…]

South County Tulsa

Here’s some more recent work, this time another collaborative custom music project with Sellout Music. For this :30 TV spot, the client was looking for something minimal and “hip.” In particular, they wanted an electronic arrangement based around an acoustic instrument. Sellout came up with the meat and bones of this piece, a plaintive, delayed[…]

Pride in Samsung

Wow! 16 days since my last post. Sorry folks. I was on vacation last week. Anyway, here’s some amazingly orchestrated stadium dancing done to the tune of some seriously hyped-up Korean rock. Hope this makes up for the time away. Enjoy.