Brand Camp

This year was the kickoff of Eric Rob and Isaac’s new outreach, Brand Camp. A week long day camp for middle-schoolers to be immersed in the day-to-day goings on of agency life. Three teams kids worked on pitches all week and on Friday presented their work to the client. We were lucky enough to have[…]

Proper English Breakfast

Occasionally we get the casting call for authentic British voice talent. Sure, we can hook up with talent across the pond via the internets these days. But we also have a right talented bloke here in town. Check out Butler_612’s demo on our casting page. Last time he was here he brought us the fixings[…]

Nebraska Tourism

For a new series of Nebraska Tourism videos aimed at a younger generation, our client was looking for “a young, energetic, and relatively high pitched female.” Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, we found her. AJ is one of our up and coming superstars around here. And she really got a chance to hone her announcer[…]


Jacob had a copy of the Disintegration Loops when he was here. The album packaging was as monumental as the loops themselves. I’ve pulled the loops up on Spotify for a listen today in observance of 9/11. I can think of no better requiem.     This article from Haunted Ink explains this music better than I[…]


Ft Campbell 2% Auto Loan TV from Steve Jones on Vimeo. It’s almost March which means one thing here at the Lucky Dog blog – it’s time to dust off the soderbergicon. First up, we were tickled orange-starburst to hear that our buddy Steve Jones at DDK won a Gold ADDY for this handsome Fort[…]

Do Voice Talent Dream of Electric Speech?

Interesting video and article about text-to-speech technology. Should voice talent really be nervous about this? Yes, the companies are getting better at making synthesized speech sound more human but there ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby. And, maybe it’s just me, but in the video, Allison Duffy sounds robotic to my ears. Even though[…]

Absorbing Art

I walked in the front door today to be surprised by new art on our walls! Kaboom. These amazing painting are on loan from Jan Bennet-Troutt and bring a refreshing jolt of color and texture to our downstairs walls. But wait. There’s more. These are not only paintings. These are also sound panels. That’s right.[…]

Meet Jacob

So, we are a little late mentioning something here at the Lucky Dog blog. In case you didn’t know, our audio shop of two is now a shop of three. Meet Jacob! We were lucky enough to meet Jacob last summer and he’s been working part-time here ever since. We couldn’t be more pleased to[…]