Mr Vegas

Just to clear things up. Say you are in bed with your wife watching TV. And you see this new Las Vegas ad. And you’re like, “Hold up… rewind… I know that announcer!” And your wife is like, “No… you don’t.” So you rewind it and watch it again… and again… and again like, maybe,[…]

Winter Storm Radio

So… we experienced some extreme winter weather during the holiday break.  Thankfully we never lost power here at the studio and were thus able to help our friends at Entergy produce some Public Service Announcements addressing power outages in the area.   Here’s a pic of Oscar Washington, the Director of Customer Service for Entergy Arkansas,[…]

Dogs at the Dog

Being a dog friendly business, we hold an organization like the Humane Society near and dear to our hearts. In the past we’ve donated audio work for the Pulaski County Humane Society. Today, we donated our lobby. This was another situation where our couches proved to be more important than us. But that’s fine. Anything[…]

Best of 2011: Colin Stetson

Somehow I completely missed Colin Stetson‘s 2011 release New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges until it started showing up on people’s end-of-the-year best-of lists.   What to say?  Dude’s a monster.  Also engineer Efrim Menuck, producer Shahzad Ismaily and other producer Ben Frost did an amazing job capturing and mixing this.   From what I’ve read, something like[…]