The Pilot, The Lawyer, and The Coach

So here’s a batch of radio spots we had a lot of fun producing. Once again, the old maxim “great radio starts with great writing” applies here. With that in mind, the voice talent did some exceptional work breathing life into these characters. Our Pilot nailed that cool, underplayed, this-is-your-pilot-speaking voice. Our Lawyer knocked it[…]

Baton Rouge Area Foundation PSAs

Since we spend so much time on YouTube, we thought it was time to join the fun. Check it out: These are two PSAs we produced last month for the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. After obtaining permission to re-record “Come Rain or Come Shine,” we cut two versions of the song with two different bands[…]

Out With The Old, In With The New

Goodbye 2006! You were an extraordinary year. How appropriate that “The Year of The Dog” was also the year of our company’s birth. O ancient, oriental, lunisolar calendar, you were too good to us. So it’s kind of hard to say goodbye. Is it really over? We had such a good thing going. How can[…]