While you were in the lobby,

Christopher DeLaurenti was recording the orchestra. It was intermission and the orchestra was warming up. They didn’t know they were being recorded. That’s because the guy lurking near the orchestra pit (Christopher DeLaurenti) was wearing a black leather vest fitted with microphones in the shoulders. Now Delaurenti has released a cd of these orchestral sounds[…]

Sushi Cam

It appears that several people have had the bright idea to place a digital camera on a sushi conveyor belt and hit record. Just enter “sushi cam” into Youtube’s search field and you’ll get results. But none of these Youtube videos come close to aesthetic appeal of this recently surfaced LiveLeak video. Surely this is[…]

Talk Like a Pilot

Somehow we missed Talk Like a Pilot day (it was Saturday, May 19th). But now that we’ve looked into it, we realize that we have very different ideas of what pilots sound like when they are talking.


Alright already! So many of you have directed our attention to this video we finally got the hint. So here it is in all it’s purple, yellow, green, and red dancing glory. And you were right. It is all-around awesome. It’s the kind of video that puts you in a good mood. It’s the kind[…]


One of our most important pieces of equipment here at Lucky Dog Audio Post is our Whee-lo. A Whee-lo is a “magnetic spinning wheel toy” invented in 1953 by Maggie Magnetic, Inc of New York. Though advertising for the Whee-lo promoted it as a great “contest toy, sick room toy and back seat toy,” we[…]


Here’s a new word we came up with today that we hope will become part of the common lexicon used among English-speaking audio professionals: Main Entry: Mon·om·i·nous Pronunciation: ˌmä-nə-mə-nəs Function: adjective Date: circa 2007 : any instance of monophonic audio exhibiting an omen : portentous; especially : foreboding or foreshadowing evil — mon·om·i·nous·ly adverb —[…]

The Chameleon

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, here’s some Recent Work that focuses on a rather serious issue. Scoliodentosaurophobia is the fear of lizards. According to a study conducted by the Bombay Hospital Journal, the lizard is the most commonly feared animal by adults, affecting 74% of those polled. Though common reactions include fits of[…]

Read This

Part 1: Vulture, New York magazine’s Arts and Entertainment blog, has this cool section called the “Weekend Read.” They post an article in pdf format for you to print out, take home, and read at your leisure. Part 2: So a friend of a friend has this intriguing experience with a landlord. The first friend[…]