Alright already! So many of you have directed our attention to this video we finally got the hint. So here it is in all it’s purple, yellow, green, and red dancing glory. And you were right. It is all-around awesome. It’s the kind of video that puts you in a good mood. It’s the kind of song that puts you in an even better-than-good mood. And as far as grooves go, that’s one helluva high-dollar shuffle!

Other points of interest: does the camera work in this video qualify as a long take? It sure feels like a long take. Long takes are cool. Also, is it just me or did they have a mic open on the set? Those whooooos and hand claps ain’t on the studio version of the song, nor is all that airplane-hanger reverb. And finally, since a feist is a type of small dog developed in the rural southern United States, does this entry qualify for our “Dogs” category. Discuss.


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