Bolivian Dogs

Matthew Baldwin, of defective yeti fame, wrote an awesome remembrance-of-dogs-past this week in The Morning News: Before I joined the Peace Corps, I thought I knew dogs. Loveable. Loyal. Affable. Man’s best friend. In Bolivia, I met dogs: the canine id—not the superego-in-a-sweater I see today at my local suburban dog park.

On Screaming

Lately my five year old daughter has taken to screaming. She loves to scream. Thankfully, she is polite about her screaming. If she feels a strong urge to scream she will announce her intentions. “I feel like screaming now,” she will say in a cute little voice before letting out a terrific little squeal that’s[…]

Dr. Dog

Our new favorite band is Dr. Dog. We saw them play last night. They performed really well for a bunch of bearded guys wearing funny hats and sunglasses. We were really impressed by their live rendition of the hit song “The World May Never Know” (from Easy Beat). We know little about Dr Dog. Our[…]

BeatBox Hero

Friday I got a phone call from Adam Matta, human beatbox. He was googling “casting” and “beatbox” and came up with our website. We talked about his touring schedule and some of his current shows. Unfortunately I had to tell him that we didn’t have any projects where we needed a human beatbox but if[…]