Alasdair Gray’s Lucky Dogs

Yeah. I wish Alasadir Gray had created this for us. Nope. They are going in Hillhead subway station in Glasgow, Scotland. Oh well. They are certainly cool. As is this short video from the Guardian wherein Alasdair… ahem… excuse me… *achoo*… wherein…. *cough*… ahem… wherein Alasdair describes the murals.

Background Rockstar

Watch CBS News Videos Online Lucky Dog Charles Wyrick runs up to NYC with local songwriter James Scott Cook to play with Julian Lennon on the CBS Early Show. I know! Check out Charles’ vest-less performance (above) and the interview. Proceeds to benefit Lupus research. We’re pleased to present one of Charles’ many brushes with[…]

Charles Simic’s Lucky Day

Today, one of my favorite poets, Charles Simic, received a double dose of good fortune as he was named poet laureate of the United States and was awarded $100,000 from the American Academy of Poets. “Now I just have to break a leg. It’s just too much luck,” he said in a telephone interview. “I’m[…]

Read This

Part 1: Vulture, New York magazine’s Arts and Entertainment blog, has this cool section called the “Weekend Read.” They post an article in pdf format for you to print out, take home, and read at your leisure. Part 2: So a friend of a friend has this intriguing experience with a landlord. The first friend[…]