Lucky Dog Audio Post is a full service, boutique sound design company that specializes in casting and directing non-union voice talent for hard working ad agency creatives.
Voice Over casting, sound design, music, and more.

The brain-puppy of audio production veterans Scott Minor and Charles Wyrick, Lucky Dog’s services include:

•New Media Production ~ Casting non-union voice talent, recording various elements including voice, music, and sound effects, and mixing the final results.

•Radio ~ Collaborating with advertising agencies to conceptualize, script, and produce effective radio campaigns.

•Audio for Television ~ Working with video post houses to provide mixes or elements as well as posting/synching audio to provided picture.

•Long-Form ~ Casting, recording and managing audio files for eLearning, On-Hold, and other internally used, non-broadcast corporate productions.

GEAR ~ ProTools, u87 microphones, Source Connect, ipDTL

  • Sound Design

    SFX. Foley. Theatre of the mind. Call it what you will. Sound sparks the imagination. Whether you need ambience under dialog in your radio spot or want to mark lots of motion graphics in an animatic, our audio will bring your project to life!

  • Talent

    We are connected to some of the best non-union voice talent in the business. Check out our talent page for demos from the talented actors in our ever expanding network.

  • Music

    We are fully empowered by our music libraries to license music per sync for television, radio, and web use. Does that mean we can license the Explosions in the Sky track you used in your rough-cut client presentation? No, it does not. Next time call us first.

  • Collaboration

    Price points. Dates. Those things change. Revisions happen. We get it. We are here to get your project right. Just know that we are on deck when adjustments need to be made.


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Our Team

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Scott Minor
Scott Minor
With over 25 years experience directing and producing audio for advertising, Scott has been called many things: the “fastest editor in the west,” a “mind reader,” and a “miracle worker.” Also “Scooter” for his love of motorcycles.
Charles Wyrick
Charles Wyrick
An avid cyclist and music fan, Charles is the man with the plan as far as scheduling goes around here. Adept at syncing calendars as well as music licenses, Charles will be the guy building you casting playlists and shooting you estimates. Just don’t get him talking about training plans and heart rate zones.

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