Generation Renaissance

Renaissance Salon & Spa “Generation Renaissance” radio :60

Robot House Creative has once again brought the goods (or maybe I should say seasonal goodies) with this new radio spot for the holiday season.  It’s got everything: CVS receipts, Michael Bublé, avocado toast, life coaches.  I have to say, this one goes right up there with “Bucket of Gravy” as one of my favorite pairings of the sharp wit of  Brian_is_tired_of_being_angry and the deadpan delivery of Neal_655.

For several years now we’ve had the pleasure of  working on this campaign.  It’s a standout in the region for it’s creative take on a personal care services business marketing. Instead of targeting primary customers, the Robot House Creative team has set their sights on targeting the “significant others” of this spa and salon’s clientele. And, not to disparage the dudes out there, but it takes a stark and direct message to wake these guys out of their year-round shopping torpor.

These always hilarious voice overs are a reminder of the power of a great creative collaboration.  Brian really found his muse in Neal.  And it’s a blast to get these two together for a session.  Exhibit A:  checkout last year’s Hideaway Pizza: Seriously Great Pizza | Blooper Reel for a little taste of how these sessions go down.  

As you can see, this is truly a copywriter/voice talent bromance made in heaven. And to pull a quote from our pre-pro emails for this session with Brian:

If I could write a script for Neal every day, my life would be complete.


But seriously.  Sidebar for you radio advertising copywriters out there.  Do you know the voice you are writing? This spot is a great example of writing to a voice that you know.  Brian and Neal have built this creative relationship over years of work together.  And in this day and age of generic rip and read announcers, it’s important to point out that writing to a voice that you know (and by that I mean a voice that has such a powerful creative investment in your project that you can possibly hear that voice in your head as you are writing) is a win win for everyone.  This spot is something of an anomaly these days as we are becoming accustomed to sending out scripts with the casting notes: looking for male or female announcer, 25 – 55 years old. We understand that different projects have different needs and that sometimes the cattle call is needed.  But it’s refreshing to remember that there are also these amazing creative partnerships that develop between radio writers and voice talent.  Almost symbiotic telepathies, where the script and it’s voice are already working together at the very moment that the words are appearing on the page.