The Red Ceiling

“The Red Ceiling” was a photograph taken by William Eggleston that appeared on the cover of Big Star’s 2nd album, “Radio City.” This photograph was also titled “Greenwood, Mississippi, 1973” after the place and date it was taken. Check out Album Atlas for more album-art/google-map-pinning goodness. Contributing to Album Atlas also seems like a fine[…]

Bunny Mandala

Since we’ve got bunnies on the mind (see this post), here’s the Bunny Mandala for consideration meditation: No other living creature features as heavily in contemporary character design and art as the humble hare. But what exactly makes bunnies so irresistible to artists, designers and illustrators worldwide? Depending on the viewers’ cultural context rabbits can[…]

Don LaFontaine, R.I.P.

The stories and tributes are piling up around the web today about the passing of a true voice-over legend, Don LaFontaine. Undoubtedly LaFontaine is best know for his movie trailer work, especially for his deep and dramatic delivery of that oh-so-ubiquitous blockbuster phrase: “IN A WORLD. . .” That being the case, most of the[…]