Epitaph for a Thin Man

This is a post specifically for our buddy Sellout Music, but applies to any Dylan fans out there (Arlin, you still checking in?). It seems that Jeffrey Owen Jones, the unwitting protagonist of Dylan’s “Ballad of a Thin Man” passed away this Tuesday. MeFi poster y2karl posted the news today along with a link to[…]

Dogs in Space

Unfortunately The Museum of Jurassic Technology‘s website does not include any jpegs of the oil portraits used in their current exhibit THE LIVES of PERFECT CREATURES An Oil Portrait Gallery of the Heroic Canines of the Soviet Space Program. Thankfully this article from Sunday’s NYT has at least one sample from the exhibition online, M.[…]

And The E.A.R. Award Goes To. . .

Awards shows are funny. Here’s Karen Minor’s pictures from the 2007 E.A.R. Awards ceremony where we didn’t win the category of “Best Use of Radio to Drive Consumers to the Web.” Dang it. The show was great. Colbert was hilarious. The venue was super slick. And. . . we didn’t win. That’s the stage for[…]