Alasdair Gray’s Lucky Dogs

Yeah. I wish Alasadir Gray had created this for us. Nope. They are going in Hillhead subway station in Glasgow, Scotland. Oh well. They are certainly cool. As is this short video from the Guardian wherein Alasdair… ahem… excuse me… *achoo*… wherein…. *cough*… ahem… wherein Alasdair describes the murals.

Dogs in Space

Unfortunately The Museum of Jurassic Technology‘s website does not include any jpegs of the oil portraits used in their current exhibit THE LIVES of PERFECT CREATURES An Oil Portrait Gallery of the Heroic Canines of the Soviet Space Program. Thankfully this article from Sunday’s NYT has at least one sample from the exhibition online, M.[…]

What’s In A Name?

In case you were wondering, there is an actual canine named Lucky in our life. He’s small and scrappy and sometimes he comes and hangs out in the studio. He likes to bark and he has a very funny walk. Actually it’s a prance. As for breed, he’s a mix: part terrier and part polecat.[…]

First Day of Autumn

Today, Louie pays Ghost Dog. OK, OK. Er, let’s see… I don’t pay him by the job. He’ll only work if I pay once a year on the first day of autumn. First day of autumn, I settle up for that past year, see? The first day of autumn… OK, OK. Let’s skip that part.[…]

Hey Bulldog

Rare footage of thee Beatles recording “Hey Bulldog.” Description reads: A few years back Apple Corps discovered that film footage of the Beatles, that was used for a promo film for “Lady Madonna”, was in fact footage of the Beatles recording “Hey Bulldog”. It was shown on ABC’s 20/20, but with Elizabeth Vargus talking over[…]


Alright already! So many of you have directed our attention to this video we finally got the hint. So here it is in all it’s purple, yellow, green, and red dancing glory. And you were right. It is all-around awesome. It’s the kind of video that puts you in a good mood. It’s the kind[…]