First Day of Autumn

Today, Louie pays Ghost Dog.

OK, OK. Er, let’s see…

I don’t pay him by the job.

He’ll only work if I pay once a
year on the first day of autumn.

First day of autumn, I settle up
for that past year, see?

The first day of autumn…

Let’s skip that part.
Where does he live?

Fucked if I know.
That’s the next strange thing.

I can’t call him. He contacts me
only through a bird.

Since I first started
contracting stuff out to him,

the bird comes every single day.

Hold it, hold it, hold it.

Did you say he contacts you
through a fucking bird?

Did I just hear that?

What particular
species…of bird?

It’s a pigeon. It must be
a carrier pigeon or whatever.

Passenger pigeon!
They’ve been extinct since 1914!

from Ghost Dog Script – Dialogue Transcript