PODCAST PREMIER! Pedal Talk Vol. 1

At long last we’ve launched Pedal Talk, our new podcast devoted to talking about magic and mischievous guitar effects pedals. In this installment we focus on a quartet of stomp boxes currently residing in the esteemed pedal-board of Chris Michaels. Check it, in this episode we demo: • MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay • Electro-Harmonix[…]

Don LaFontaine, R.I.P.

The stories and tributes are piling up around the web today about the passing of a true voice-over legend, Don LaFontaine. Undoubtedly LaFontaine is best know for his movie trailer work, especially for his deep and dramatic delivery of that oh-so-ubiquitous blockbuster phrase: “IN A WORLD. . .” That being the case, most of the[…]

How To Speak Hip

Lessons in Audio Del Close and John Brent lay down some nice geek vs beatnik dialogue circa 1962. The twilight world of the American hipster is an important American subculture with a language all it’s own. – Del Close Like, if you took the lid of your Maytag and there was a giant octopus trashing[…]