Garman GPS

The day before yesterday, we thought we were being soooo clever. We were working on a spot that required GPS SFX so we hopped in the car with Scott’s Magellan GPS unit, programmed directions to Lucky Dog Audio, took a spin around downtown Little Rock, and recorded the Magellan beeping and cooing at us as we made all the right turns to get us back home. Awesome idea! Good job, Lucky Dog! Home run on the foley work there boys!


The spot went to the client for approval and out came the gong. Spot’s no good. Turns out the client has a Garmin GPS in their car, so all those Magellan bells and whistles mean nada.

Now it is time for reflecting on the task of creating authentic simulations of specific audio events when using new gadgets that are, as of yet, unfettered to concrete audio signifiers. And yes, we’ve been through this before. Several months ago we were working on a spot that needed a cell phone ring. We dropped a fairly ubiquitous ringtone into the spot and the client said, “Hey, that cell phone ring doesn’t sound like my cell phone ring!” Not to sound like old man Wilson down the street, but it used to be a phone sounded like a phone. Not anymore.

Silent reflective pause.

So yesterday, our buddy Gary graciously lent us a Garmin GPS. Here’s a shot of Scott pointing our Rode shotgun microphone at his (Gary’s) unit (please refrain from commenting on this sentence).

Scott Recording a Garman GPS

We thought we were being soooo clever. . .

2 thoughts on “BEEP vs BOOP

  • Hmmmm….the person in the picture of the GPS is on a motorcycle. Gee, wonder who made THAT happen?

  • If I’ve ever had a single complaint about Lucky Dog, it’s that you guys have always been so fettered to concrete audio signifiers.

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