Tough Enough

One of the tougher projects we worked on over the winter was this Valent radio campaign. The casting call was for :  female with a neutral accent; tough—not necessarily Kathleen-Turner gruff—but mature Our client sent over mockups of their print campaign to help us get the idea. Literally tough. But what was really fierce about[…]

Generation Renaissance

Robot House Creative has once again brought the goods (or maybe I should say seasonal goodies) with this new radio spot for the holiday season.  It’s got everything: CVS receipts, Michael Bublé, avocado toast, life coaches.  I have to say, this one goes right up there with “Bucket of Gravy” as one of my favorite[…]


This recent Soybean radio spot for Valent gave us the chance to build some tension with a metronome. Here’s the SFX cues from the script: SFX: Metronome continues. Other percussive instruments layer in.

SFX: More instruments layers in, we’re going from an isolated tick-tock to a pulsing cadence. 

SFX: Full crescendo. Almost like a march.[…]


Our first ADDY… I mean, RADDY… for 2016 is this Silver radio winner we produced for Zehnder Communications in Nashville for Stevi B’s Pizza Buffet. The trick to casting this announcer was finding an “edgy” guy who could turn up the smile just a skosh with the “Then it hits you” line. Nice work, Robert.[…]

The Reporter and EZ Mabel

Casting is a challenging but important part of what we do here at Lucky Dog Audio. Consider these two recent requests for another round of Yahoo HotJobs radio spots: The Reporter: “First, we need a woman that sounds like the mom from Slingblade.” Being as accommodating as we could, we got Natalie Canerday to come[…]

Under the Big Top

Check out these two new :60 spots for Luba Worker’s Comp. we produced last month. These spots feature loads of under-the-big-top sound design and several fun, situational cameos by colorful circus characters. Interestingly enough, one of the toughest elements to create in this production was the sound of the “Wheel of a Thousand Knives.”  We ended[…]

Oh, Henry

One of our most memorable characters to cast this year has been “Henry” for the Mutual Fund Store. Henryhenryhenry. Henry’s a bit of a grouch. He just doesn’t give a flip anymore. And why should he? He’s retiring. In other spots in this campaign we’ve heard Henry talk sports, give a wedding speech, and wax[…]