The Reporter and EZ Mabel

Casting is a challenging but important part of what we do here at Lucky Dog Audio. Consider these two recent requests for another round of Yahoo HotJobs radio spots:

The Reporter:

“First, we need a woman that sounds like the mom from Slingblade.”

Being as accommodating as we could, we got Natalie Canerday to come by. And there was much rejoicing.

Listen to “The Reporter

EZ Mabel:

“For this spot, we need a 90 year old grandma that sounds totally non-professional.”

Since Charles and I both play competitively on the rest home bridge circuit, we knew a few 90 year old non-pros. Rose had a little trouble climbing the stairs at the Dog, but didn’t have any trouble killing with the script.

Listen to “EZ Mabel



This just in, “EZ Mabel” is a 2007 E.A.R. Awards finalist for the category of Best Use of Radio to Drive Consumers to the Web! Winners will be announced November 2nd at the E.A.R. Awards show at Jazz at Lincoln Center. And, to add prestige to honor, the awards will be handed out by the incomparable Steven Colbert.


03/05/08 UPDATE Check it, The Reporter now is a winner along with the indefatigable EZ Mabel. This time we are talking about the Memphis Advertising Federation’s annual ADDY awards ceremony, where The Reporter picked up props in the Jan Gardner memorial award for outstanding radio copy. Sure the Jan Gardner award went to the whole Hot Jobs radio campaign and not just The Reporter, but since EZ Mabel got so much attention this year we thought we’d Soderberghicon The Reporter. Also, Scott’s daughter thinks this spot is funnier than EZ Mabel anyway (Psst don’t tell Mabel that).