Where’s the Bridge?

Internet superstar Tay Zonday will be performing his song “Chocolate Rain” on the Jimmy Kimmel show tonight. As for any pre-show jitters, Zonday blogged the following on Myspace: Can’t decide whether to attempt it with the keyboard or do it with a backing track, which I am more confident in. I will probably err on[…]

Charles Simic’s Lucky Day

Today, one of my favorite poets, Charles Simic, received a double dose of good fortune as he was named poet laureate of the United States and was awarded $100,000 from the American Academy of Poets. “Now I just have to break a leg. It’s just too much luck,” he said in a telephone interview. “I’m[…]

Argosy Workstation

One of our favorite pieces of studio equipment (besides our Whee-Lo) is Scott’s Argosy desk. The ARA.260 Workstation is the perfect match for our mix position adjacent to our VO booth. We’ve got plenty of space for all our recording essentials plus room to spread out scripts and take sheets. Where would we be without[…]