Where’s the Bridge?

Internet superstar Tay Zonday will be performing his song “Chocolate Rain” on the Jimmy Kimmel show tonight. As for any pre-show jitters, Zonday blogged the following on Myspace:

Can’t decide whether to attempt it with the keyboard or do it with a backing track, which I am more confident in. I will probably err on the side of the backing track. Though the keyboard would be very acoustic and intimate . . . I also dislike the risk of a comping mistake on semi-live (one hour delay) television. There’s no time to correct anything in post-production. On the other hand, I still look very stiff when singing backing tracks . . . either way could turn out good or bad.

Zonday closed his blog entry by saying:

I have about 48 hours to try to learn the Chocolate Rain lyrics without reading them off a sheet.

Our concern, “where’s the bridge?”

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