MIDFLORIDA Power Play Radio

Here it is, at long last, a new post featuring some new radio spots! We had a lot of fun producing these spots this summer. Why? Well, first check out “Obsession.” It features six characters. That’s right, six characters in one spot! There’s “Ice Cream Girl,” then there’s “Checker” (as in a Grocery Store Checker), then there’s “Wife,” then “Salesaman,” then “Guy” and last but not least there’s the announcer, “V/O.” I know that might not seem like a lot of characters but we don’t see radio scripts with casting calls like this much anymore. Like they say, the more the merrier.

That said, the other spot in this campaign, “Money Talking,” is a monologue. And though it only features the one actor, this was also loads of fun to produce. Why? Well, offbeat characters are always fun to create. I think the casting notes from the script best sum up this character:

Young-ish male, brisk read, endearingly edgy attitude

Well… maybe we should add “quirky” to that description to give you an idea of what this personification of “Money” sounds like. Yup. Definitely tagging this spot as quirky.

Props to Mark Adkins at clark/nikdel/powell. Dude writes awesome radio.

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