Our New Hero

Paulo Beto is an electronic music composer, improviser, and sound designer who works under the moniker of Anvil FX. His work on this animated short, Into Pieces, is truly inspirational. To quote Scott: Familiar sounds substituted into unexpected places. Audio surprises that make me burst out laughing, just for the sheer invention of it.

Friends On Oprah

Though she’s primarily famous (around these parts) for this commissioned portrait of a certain dashing mutt named “Lucky,” our buddy, former collegiate school-mate, and super-talented designer/photographer/painter Jane Mount turned up on Oprah yesterday in a profile about home makeovers. To see what Jane did to her 645 square foot apartment that got Oprah’s attention, go[…]

Robot DJs

Link What can I say. . . it’s a slow news day. As for the Robots, I don’t know. I’m all for pushing the envelope but when it comes to turntable experiments, I’ll take Christian Marclay or Otomo Yoshihide over robots any day.

Super Bowl Ads

So this Coke ad was my favorite. But I’ve been on an animation kick lately. Also, the sound design is superb. I’m still waiting to hear from Scott on his favorite. Of course, neither one of us watched much of the game. BTW, it seems that we share some embarrassing sports memories.