Super Bowl Ads

So this Coke ad was my favorite. But I’ve been on an animation kick lately. Also, the sound design is superb.

I’m still waiting to hear from Scott on his favorite. Of course, neither one of us watched much of the game. BTW, it seems that we share some embarrassing sports memories.

4 thoughts on “Super Bowl Ads

  • Oddly, that commercial was from last year. I wonder if add sales are down, seems like I saw several older commercials during the game.

  • I enjoyed the e trade 1 finger commercial. A little edgy. Well written.

    I also liked the amateur add about the end of football season. Being an actual fan of the game, I thought it was great (even though it was pitched by an “amateur” who works for an ad firm). I don’t really like to watch other sports so this is a sad time of year for me.

  • “Around 3pm when your blood sugar and energy are low, some say Robert Goulet appears… and messes with your stuff.”

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