Winter Storm Radio

So… we experienced some extreme winter weather during the holiday break.  Thankfully we never lost power here at the studio and were thus able to help our friends at Entergy produce some Public Service Announcements addressing power outages in the area.   Here’s a pic of Oscar Washington, the Director of Customer Service for Entergy Arkansas,[…]

New Booth

So… we’ve got a new VO booth.  It’s pretty cool.  We’ll have hi-res pictures soon.  But, so far, the talent’s been diggin’ our new digs.  Here’s an Instagram I got of Adrian last week.  Maybe this can be a new thing too.  Instead of Sleeve Faces we can start shooting Script Faces.

Our Couches Are Too Busy To Talk To Us

Our couches have decided they’re too cool for us. When they first moved in, these albino twins just stared blankly in different directions and sighed all day. We tried to get to know them but they shunned our advances. Sure, they were polite about it but we got the message. You can look but don’t[…]

Daft Scott

Scott was testing a bluetooth headset he mounted in his motorcycle helmet yesterday. Sometimes I wonder about the boy. He looks rather Daft Punk-ish, n’est pas? Too bad he doesn’t have a bluetooth vocoder.