Snow Day

It snowed today (a rare occurrence in these parts)! I got to work hoping to take a shot of our sign covered in powder. No such luck. The bushes were covered though.

Still Pondering Mysterious Graffiti And SPAM Comments. . . Is There A Connection?

  So maybe the graffiti on our building should become our new blog subtitle? Instead of just plain ole’ Lucky Dog Audio Post we should now be “Lucky Dog Audio Post: thotj” or “Lucky Dog Audio Post: tho+t.” But what if that first letter is “U?” Then we’ve been tagged as “uhot.” What’s a “uhot?”[…]


No. This isn’t our new subtitle. Someone tagged our building over the weekend. I’ve seen this particular signature around town before. At the risk of inspiring snarky comments, anyone familiar with this artist’s work?

Xmas at the Dog

We got some great stuff for Christmas here at Lucky Dog audio post, in addition to all those clever cards, delicious food baskets, and fine bottles of wine. First of all, one of our interior decorators got us this porcelain dog. Why? Because you can never have too many porcelain dog figurines laying around the[…]

Argosy Workstation

One of our favorite pieces of studio equipment (besides our Whee-Lo) is Scott’s Argosy desk. The ARA.260 Workstation is the perfect match for our mix position adjacent to our VO booth. We’ve got plenty of space for all our recording essentials plus room to spread out scripts and take sheets. Where would we be without[…]