This recent Soybean radio spot for Valent gave us the chance to build some tension with a metronome. Here’s the SFX cues from the script: SFX: Metronome continues. Other percussive instruments layer in.

SFX: More instruments layers in, we’re going from an isolated tick-tock to a pulsing cadence. 

SFX: Full crescendo. Almost like a march.[…]

Well Ahead

Well Ahead LA from Zehnder on Vimeo. Here’s an instance where our sound desingn and casting walked hand in hand. Not only did we cast the announcer for these spots but we also created all of the sports audio footage. The assignment was to make it sound like we had lifted NAT sound from locker[…]

Come Back 2 Go Forward

Sound design? Yes. We do sound design. And sometime we get to lay down fun, whimsical sound design, like the BOOM and the disco ball’s servo motor and the typewriter’s clackety clack and the various other what-nots that we added to these Arkansas Department of Higher Education videos for their recent Come Back 2 Go[…]