Guilty Pleasures

J. David Lee was my first real boss, if we leave aside the moron at the Texaco station. At 17, I had no reason to be given as much opportunity as he gave me, eventually guiding me to the data processing clients that would fund my college career, but I’m thankful for it. He also[…]

Eric Clapton Shreds

shred – verb The art of Technically and rhythmatically hammering out amazing and lightning-fast solos on a guitar. To play so amazingly fast on guitar you almost destroy it’s strings. from the Urban Dictionary See others (Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Metallica) “shred” here. Thank you Sellout Music.

Radio Guy

Being audio guys ourselves, we couldn’t help but check out the Radio Guy site mentioned on Boing Boing earlier this week. A visual treasure trove of antique curios, the Radio Guy site houses a vast collection of vintage medical, audio, scientific and engineering equipment. There’s enough stuff here to inspire the next Bruce Sterling /[…]

Meet The Sanchez Brothers

Carlos and Jason Sanchez take stirring photographs. Their pictures come at you like movie stills. From Articles: Realer than reel Un autobus accidente Une maison de la photo a des longe dents Meeting with the Sanchez brothers Snap to attention Virtual angst Capturing the cinematic in real life The Sanchez brothers soak it all in[…]

Consumer Diary

Proof of Purchase is an interesting blog compiled of notes and observations jotted down on sales receipts. Recent entries are rawly personal even though the writing itself is dictated somewhat by the dimensions of the receipt. How personal can you get in the space of a piece of paper that tallies up $3.61? The whole[…]

The Critic

The Critic won an Oscar for Best Short Subject, Cartoons back in 1963. It features a great VO from Mel Brooks who reacts to the abstract animations playing on the screen from the point of view of a curmudgeonly 70 year old.

First Day of Autumn

Today, Louie pays Ghost Dog. OK, OK. Er, let’s see… I don’t pay him by the job. He’ll only work if I pay once a year on the first day of autumn. First day of autumn, I settle up for that past year, see? The first day of autumn… OK, OK. Let’s skip that part.[…]