2 thoughts on “Delightful Drains

  • These are really cool! Ya know, if these were on our house, the squirrels would have their own Olympics….seeing which one could get to the bottom first with the most nuts…. until one got stuck in the drain. Um….ick. But more likely leaves would clog up the drain. Aunts would build homes in there and come visit our kitchen every day from 2:00 – 5:00. It’d be like Fred Flintstone, marching into work every day and then clocking out when the head worker aunt blows his….whistle?…while the next shift passes him in the plant parking lot. That would stop when birds started making homes in the funnels. Now, THAT would be a challenge for the cats.

    But, then… water would back-up and run down the side of the house, causing the stucco to crack when it freezes. Then, the ever so persistent water would come through the exterior walls rotting the lath slats and causing mold to grow. We all thought lead-based paint was bad. And, oh! ya know those old knob and tube wires we have? Water…electricity…. Lalalalalala….can’t think about that!

    Okay, so then the water would make its way to the ground where it would eat away at the foundation. Since our house is on a pier and beam foundation it wouldn’t take too long to rot the piers, but the termites would definitely speed things up by moving up to the support beams and sub-floor. It’d take a while for the floor to completely rot with all the asbestos flooring we have under our tile. Our house would be falling down around the drains and funnels, but the moss would be pretty.

    Ahhhh, yep, these drains are really cool.

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