New Booth

So… we’ve got a new VO booth.  It’s pretty cool.  We’ll have hi-res pictures soon.  But, so far, the talent’s been diggin’ our new digs.  Here’s an Instagram I got of Adrian last week.  Maybe this can be a new thing too.  Instead of Sleeve Faces we can start shooting Script Faces. About Lucky DogMail[…]

(P)Lay It Down Clown

  “How young are you? / How old am I?”  Remember that song?  How about “Lay It Down Clown?”  Well, if either of these songs rings a bell, then quit reading this post. Why?  Because it’s too late.  Oh, you aging, left-of-the-dialist.  Your day is up.  I bet your ears are still ringing from that[…]

Really Really Real… Really.

So, last month, we went on location to help That Guy From Riverfest with a mobile recording.  And yes, this involved much more than taping the lav mic to his chest, thank you very much.  Live recordings are always exciting and this project was no exception.  We were glad to hear that everything turned out[…]