Good Dogs

Grace_Coolidge_with_dogs (1)















Grace Coolidge with Laddie Buck, an Airedale Terrier, and Rob Roy, a white Collie.

For me, Scott and his crew do with audio what a great director does when framing up a beautiful shot. They have a perspective. They compose a scene. They tell a story.

Over the years I have given them so many odd and unreasonable request, and without fail, they exceed my unreasonable expectations.

But most importantly, the Lucky Dog team makes work fun, because they always approach my projects as creative collaborators.

Martin Wilford
Red Deluxe

I just wanted you to know how I appreciate your expertise in clarifying vague client directions into actionable acting intent. Sometimes clients have a hard time articulating what they want to hear clearly. Airport speakers, crushing deadlines, technology mishaps, you cut through it all and make everything work. It’s comforting to know that I have a patient and wise partner on the other end.
Many thanks.

John Taylor
“America’s Voiceover Sweetheart”

You say it in your advertising and I heard it yesterday—you really do collaborate with your client in getting the desired product.

I was very impressed with your performance and am very proud of how you have developed your craft over the years.

Steve Garman, CEO
Garman Productions

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