So Damn Cool

So the ceremony for Oklahoma City ADDY awards opened this year with this amazing video put together by Third Degree Communications, Digital DK, Simon Hurst Photography, and us. We love the way this piece works. The flickering text and the geek/chic office photographs, the retro/industrial footage, the lighting and exposure effects. . . it’s all super cool. Also we love the job Parker Loy did reading the copy. And we are pretty sure Parker liked the spot as well. Although he did ask for his Mom’s permission “to say ‘damn’ three times.” It was also fun working with the Tenki track “Kiss of Millions” off their 2004 release View of an Orbiting Man. And in case you were wondering. . . yes. . . we sprinkled a little bit of Lucky Dog magic audio powder at the top of the song to help get the video rolling. Cheers.

03-05-08 Update Question: can an ADDY trailer win an ADDY? The answer: yes! Well. . . kinda. This kick azz trailer for the 2007 Oklahoma City Advertising Club’s ADDY awards ceremony won a Judges Citation of Merit in the 2008 Oklahoma City Advertising Club’s ADDY awards ceremony. Which is kind of like an ADDY, isn’t it? Also, for the record (and for all you search engines out there), we’ve been calling this spot So Damn Cool. The official title is “Think it Up – 2007 Addy Awards.”

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