Friends On Oprah

Though she’s primarily famous (around these parts) for this commissioned portrait of a certain dashing mutt named “Lucky,” our buddy, former collegiate school-mate, and super-talented designer/photographer/painter Jane Mount turned up on Oprah yesterday in a profile about home makeovers. To see what Jane did to her 645 square foot apartment that got Oprah’s attention, go to Where The Wild Things Are. This online article includes pictures and a description of what went into Jane’s fifth floor tenement apartment makeover as well as praise for the inventive and creative work Jane and her boyfriend Darko did to turn their tight living quarters into a stylish and utilitarian home. Once you are finished peeking around her apartment, make sure you check out Jane’s art work, photography, and web design at jane mount.

2 thoughts on “Friends On Oprah

  • Wow I’m honored! and Lucky sure is cute. Oprah was actually very nice, although she had a *mask* of make-up on, and they (literally) airbrushed me, too, lol.

  • Katherine watched the show yesterday. She said you were a total natural in front of the camera! Way to go! BTW I had a friend call here yesterday who wants to buy one of your paintings.

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