3 thoughts on “Worst Commercial Ever?

  • Client: Flea Market Montgomery (FMM)

    Medium: 121-second TV

    What is the market situation?
    The recent proliferation of mini malls in the Montogomery area has made it difficult to maintain a loyal customer base in an increasingly competitive environment. Research indicates that flea markets are considered by many hip seniors to be somewhat “old hat.”

    Who is the competition?
    Mini malls

    Who is our prospect?
    war veterans, daytime TV viewers, other retirees/nonworking seniors who frequent area mini malls

    What is the brand promise?
    We’re just like a mini mall.

    What facts support the promise?
    Like mini malls, FMM has a full selection of living rooms, dinettes, bedrooms.

    What is the brand personality?
    Fun, outgoing, fly, mini-mall-like

    What do we want the prospect to think?
    “It’s just like a mini mall, only more fun, outgoing and fly.”

    Are there any mandatories?
    Address, phone, should match the current brand look/feel/tone, the client also feels repetition is important


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