PODCAST PREMIER! Pedal Talk Vol. 1

At long last we’ve launched Pedal Talk, our new podcast devoted to talking about magic and mischievous guitar effects pedals. In this installment we focus on a quartet of stomp boxes currently residing in the esteemed pedal-board of Chris Michaels. Check it, in this episode we demo:

MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay

Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb

Fulltone Supa-Trem

Seymour Duncan Twin Tone Classic

These are some wicked boxes. It was a blast talking to Chris about how he uses them and what he likes/dislikes about each one. Which reminds me, if you wanna hear more from Chris, his new album Morning and Night is now available on iTunes and at the Max Recordings Store. Or you can catch him and his band, The Cranks, at 9pm this Saturday 11/14/09 at the Oyster Bar.

So, enough with the shameless plugs. I could go on and on about what a great guitar player Chris is but it’s best to let the audio speak for itself. Without further ado, heeeerrrre’s…


5 thoughts on “PODCAST PREMIER! Pedal Talk Vol. 1

  • That’s a great idea, Bobby. I’d be interesting to hear the Nano up against the original. They claim it’s the same box just smaller. I wonder if tonally they match. Plus I’d like to hear what the room reverb setting is like on the Holy Grail Plus.

  • Great show Charles! I read about pedals all day long but it is not until I talk to people that own them already that I learn anything. But to hear you talk about and then play the pedals is fabulous, better than going to the music store.

    People say I am a gear-whore but I think of it more as a pedal fetish.

    When is Vol. 2 of Pedal Talk coming out?

  • Thanks! Glad you liked the show. Vol 2 should be up next week. We also will have an iTunes channel as well as some other feeds ready by then so that this will be a proper podcast.

    BTW your website is awesome!!! It’s cool to see that you have some of the pedals we discussed in Vol 1 listed.

    Also, I’m really interested in this Stereo Memory Man:


    Have you tried this?

  • No, I have never played the Hazarai Memory Man. I actualy have the Danelectro Dan Echo that Chris mentioned in the interview that I use for delay effects. I like that box alot.

    If I play the SMMH I will probably want one (GAS).

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