The PVC-o-phone

We recorded some SICK horn parts today.

PVC-ophone at Lucky Dog by redchuck

Yeah. This was how we created items number 5 and numer 8 (smiley emoticon) from the following list of audio cues a friend of our’s needed for a stage production.

here is what I am looking for sir.

1) Preshow w/Q&A
2) Preshow w/o Q&A
3) Rainstorm/Thunder- Opening (30 seconds or so)
4) Snowstorm and Wind- Edmund crossing to Queen Jadis (90 sec)
5) Hunting Horn for first battle
6) Aslan Roar after making agreement with Jadis
7) Vibration for Stone Table at Resurrection (Starting slowly,Huge Thunder, mountains cracking. shit like that 15sec)
8) Hunting horn in final battle (same as before)
9) Aslan roar in final battle (same as before)

FYI, PVC pipe makes for a great Hunting Horn.

But wait! There’s more.

How about a PVC-o-phone ringtone? I know I want one. After reading this post from simonblog, making a PVC-o-phone ringtone looked too easy to pass up. So I did it. And it worked. And I thought I’d share it with the world. But, surprise surprise WordPress won’t allow an .m4r upload because of “security reasons.” Say what??? Oh well. Fortunately .m4a poses no threat to our blog’s security so here ya go. Download this sucker, rename the file type to “.m4r”, double click to open in iTunes, sync to your iPhone, and enjoy.