And now, a moment to salute friends of Lucky Dog, the Boondogs. This footage is from their appearance last year on AETN Presents, visually tweaked by Boondog percussionist Dylan Field.

Not only do we love the songwriting team of Grotto and Weinheimer, but our partnership with Weinheimer’s Sellout Music lets us do great custom music work for our clients. Check out the Sellout reel here.

Plus, Charles is much cooler in black and white than in real life.

Also, a big shout out to two more friends of the Dog, Adam and Jordan, dancing like maniacs in silhouette. Shepherds in the house!

2 thoughts on “Boondogs

  • Those kids! I just worry so much…How many times have I told them not to dance publicly in Conway?!
    AETN overcame them. Boondogs are a rebellious influence.

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