What’s In A Name?

In case you were wondering, there is an actual canine named Lucky in our life. He’s small and scrappy and sometimes he comes and hangs out in the studio. He likes to bark and he has a very funny walk. Actually it’s a prance. As for breed, he’s a mix: part terrier and part polecat. All in all he’s a stunning little fellow and very hard to describe in words. Recently we had our friend Jane Colclasure take some glamor shots which we subsequently had framed for the office.

This first shot features Lucky in his “Employee of the Month” pose. See how dutifully and expectantly he’s looking at the camera? This is a dog that likes to please.

This next shot was a runner up for a “Founder” portrait. Here you can see Lucky in a more contemplative mode, head down and paw out. Of course, the faux hawk shows that this guy still has a wild side.

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