And The E.A.R. Award Goes To. . .

Awards shows are funny. Here’s Karen Minor’s pictures from the 2007 E.A.R. Awards ceremony where we didn’t win the category of “Best Use of Radio to Drive Consumers to the Web.” Dang it. The show was great. Colbert was hilarious. The venue was super slick. And. . . we didn’t win.

That’s the stage for the event. The glass windows of Jazz at Lincoln Center look down five stories onto Columbus Circle. Very cool. Mos def off the heezy. The guy to the right of the podium is a DJ. He made a mashup from some of the entries in the awards. Our spot, EZ Mabel, made the mashup but didn’t win.

Here’s Colbert mid-monologue: holding mic, pointing finger, and announcing us not winning.

Close to the action, here’s another shot of Colbert. But where’s his Wriststrong bracelet?