Das Bootsy

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So we’ve been doing spots for the Memphis Grizzlies and had an opportunity to go see how the big boys play NBA basketball. Unfortunately, on the night we went, they lost. But that didn’t dampen our day. There was superstar funk in the house… and I’m not just talking about the C&C Music Factory performance at half time.

“Look down there, second row, top hat. Bootsy Collins.”

What?! That’s right. There he was. Bootsy Collins, in the flesh. Checkin’ the game and spreading his happy, funky vibe like he always does. I bet the man would dress like that for an IRS audit.

So from 15 rows back, our host began to yell “Bootsy! Booootsy! Turn around!”

He didn’t, but everyone else in our section did. I did get this shot of funk royalty handing out autographs to his subjects.

After spotting Bootsy, we spent the third quarter coming up with possible titles for Bootsy Collins solo albums, with the clear winner presented below. Who knew Bootsy had such a strong German background?

BTW, we’ve got a special prize for the first commenter who can translate our “Das Bootsy” album subtitle.

Also, The Rendezvous is NOT a tourist joint to be dismissed with a snort.

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