One of our most important pieces of equipment here at Lucky Dog Audio Post is our Whee-lo. A Whee-lo is a “magnetic spinning wheel toy” invented in 1953 by Maggie Magnetic, Inc of New York. Though advertising for the Whee-lo promoted it as a great “contest toy, sick room toy and back seat toy,” we feel that it comes in handy during casting sessions, music searches, and dinner parties with Dolly Parton, Will Ferrell and Meg Ryan. For more information on the Whee-lo, visit the Classic Toy Museum’s Whee-lo page. And, in case you were wondering, Whee-lo’s can be purchased from Restoration Hardware. Also, it seems we would be remiss if we failed to mention Harvey Job Matusow, who claimed to have invented the Whee-lo in his autobiography, The Stringless Yo Yo.

5 thoughts on “Whee-lo

  • I love it! If there’s one thing that could make dinner with Dolly, Will and Meg better, it’s single-handedly the whee-lo. 🙂

  • Meg used to make me weak in the knees. Then she got big lips. Damnit. Good thing whee-lo didn’t get big lips. My whee-lo (purchased from Restoration Hardware) helps pass the time during long & boring client calls.

  • I’ve tried Restoration Hardware, Ebay and Amazon.com. Dose anyone know where else I can find a Whee-lo?

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