While you were in the lobby,

Christopher DeLaurenti was recording the orchestra. It was intermission and the orchestra was warming up. They didn’t know they were being recorded. That’s because the guy lurking near the orchestra pit (Christopher DeLaurenti) was wearing a black leather vest fitted with microphones in the shoulders. Now Delaurenti has released a cd of these orchestral sounds – human coughs and sneezes mixed with bassoon belches and timpani rolls. Favorite Intermissions is a collection of these guerrilla audio recordings. Described as “a very new and weird direction in ‘bootleg’ field recordings,” the cd includes this track.


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Christopher DeLaurenti – ZeBox Artist

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One thought on “While you were in the lobby,”

  • Man, this totally flouts contemporary expectations of abstractly agglomerated, musique concrète-ized sound.
    I mean, like, dang.

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