South County Tulsa

Here’s some more recent work, this time another collaborative custom music project with Sellout Music.

For this :30 TV spot, the client was looking for something minimal and “hip.” In particular, they wanted an electronic arrangement based around an acoustic instrument. Sellout came up with the meat and bones of this piece, a plaintive, delayed piano figure that totally sets the tone for the stark, lonesome city shots. From there we messed things up. We slaved the piano track in Ableton Live to Pro Tools and cranked the Pro Tools tempo down to around 80 bpm. This forced the Ableton track into all sorts of fits. The piano track stuttered and glitched as it tried to match the slower tempo. From there we added a beat deconstructor to add some color to our shuddering piano track. After all that processing we had a handful of glitchy sounds for our mix. Aside from the piano processing, we also used Ableton along with Reason to write our rhythm and bass tracks.


Intake Studios

Sellout Music