It’s Your Birthday!

Go Scott!

It’s your birthday!

I found your picture. . .

circa the 80s!

6 thoughts on “It’s Your Birthday!

  • I think Kraig meant “where is all of that hair?” he just put in the extra adjective to be nice. This picture must have been taken just before the “how long can this stuff get” phase of his life.

  • …followed by the “how short do the clippers go?” phase…

    And I ate plenty in the 80’s, as evidenced by the passenger floorboard of my Subaru Justy. The level of fast food packaging was often higher than the seat. I was just on the go, dude.

  • Yepper, that fast food packaging made for interesting dates. But his romantic ways (flutter, flutter) made up for all the fast food junk in the car.

    As for Kraig’s comment, I’m pretty sure that shortly after Scott and I married I saw some salt in that pepper. After kids came along, it was all down hill.

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