We recently had the pleasure of producing a series of radio spots for our friends at Stone Ward for Sport Clips, who position themselves as “America’s haircut place for men and boys.”

Now, I was not quite thirty when my receding hairline pushed me into my current haircut “style”, a word I use loosely. Nowadays, please put the number two guard on the clippers and let ‘er rip. A moron could do it. And some have. Whatever. I don’t demand much from my salon/barber/army recruitment center. But that didn’t keep me from having fun with these spots.

These wound up not being sound-design intensive, and that’s just why we like them. Every element is all about the swagger, from the excellent copy to Eddie’s VO to the macho music. In fact, these are an excellent example of trimming copy to allow the performance to happen. We could fit the first version of the script into the time allowed, but we paid for it with less of that swagger, and it was worth another go to, er, give the scripts a little trim.

Feel your testosterone levels rise. Give them a listen:

Sport Clips radio “Guyology – Crying” :60

Sport Clips radio “Guyology – Kung Fu” :60

Sport Clips “Guyology – Duct Tape” :60

Sport Clips “Guyology – Smells” :60