Ad Clouds

Meet a Flogos. It’s a “mixture of soap-based foams and lighter-than-air gases such as helium” that can be shaped into a floating logo (float + logo = flogo). That’s right, it’s an air-born advertising event. “Mommy look! That cloud looks like Mickey Mouse.” That’s because it’s been shaped from a stencil of Mickey Mouse. Awww. Flogos are environmentally safe, meaning that even though they only come in the color white, they are green. Flogos are safe to look at, just don’t taunt a flogos. Especially if you encounter a group of flogos on a lonely street downtown at night. Large groups of flogos are called thugos (thunder + logo = thugo). Thugos are mean and unpredictable and are highly skilled at saying unpleasant things.