R.E.M. Earworm

Finally, after four days straight, the new R.E.M. song is NOT playing in my head. Particularly the chorus of the new R.E.M. song, Supernatural Superserious (Album Version). I think it is Mike Mills’ background vocals that make this thing so sticky.

What follows in a blockquote reenactment of the aforementioned chorus. I’d link to an mp3 BUT then you’d have the same trouble as me.

Stipe: And you cried and you cried,

Mills: Ahh ahh AHH Ahh ahh. . .

Stipe: You survived, you survived.

Mills: Ahh ahh AHH Ahh ahh. . .

Stipe: Yeah you cried and you cried and you cried and you cried.

Well, the blockquote reenactment really doesn’t do it justice, so follow this link if you dare.

One thought on “R.E.M. Earworm”

  • There are two things in the world that make me feel 16 again:
    1. Opening day of baseball season
    2. Pete Buck’s twisted guitar line in the bridge of this song

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